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Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2018, 10:54

Heavy-duty gear cleaning

Friends, who hope this technical info may be useful.
Following a freefall cliff strike, a canopy (new troll 265 dv) what is used to wrap the body during a recovery, soaking in the entire body blood volume. Thoroughly and completely soaking every bit of nylon.
Both canopy and conte were separately washed in a standard home washing machine, gentle cycle, no spin, cold (30C) water, using mild detergent and oxy bleach. The cycle was repeated 3 times due to low water volume (1 cycle might be enough if using industrial-size machine). The rig came out cristal-clear, and its porosity did not noticeably increase (still better than an average 100 jump canopy). Upon inspection the rig what airworthy and new line was installed.It has been skipped jumped (slider-down by 230lb jumper) and sold to a friend of the deceased.

Any help appreciated.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

Medical Device Animation

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